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Animals' Home - North Texas Cat Rescue
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Highlighted Cats:
Finder Finder
Finder is a good boy!  He was adopted from us, and lived with a family for many years, until the kids were older, and no one was taking care of him. So he came back to his foster family, and is looking for his new forever family to love!  He is a super sweet guy, who love pets and more about Finder
Tiger Tiger
Tiger is a very sweet boy who just needs a little help trusting people.  He was adopted and returned which set him back a bit.  He will come and lay with his foster mom on the couch and sleep with her at night but he doesn't want to be held yet.  He loves the dogs and other more about Tiger
Andromeda Andromeda
Beautiful marbled adult tabby seeking loving home!  I am back with NTCR and am still the loving, purring, attention seeking girl I was when I left.  I'm not sure why the kitties in my adopted home didn't really get along with me but it was a bit stressful so this time I'm more about Andromeda
Cisco Cisco
Hello! Could you be my forever home? Let me not get ahead of myself. Introductions are in order. I’m Cisco and my foster mom saved me from a life on the streets. Some fun things to know about me – besides my handsome face and unique color – I love food. Canned food is the more about Cisco
Ziggy Ziggy
I am a Polydactyl kitty.  That means I have extra toes on my front feet.  It is so cool.  I also have black lines under my ears, so it looks like I have big eyebrows.  I do OK with the other kitties in my foster home, but I have not bonded with any of them, so I would be more about Ziggy
Mila Mila
Hi everyone - if I look sad it's because I'm looking for a new purrmanent home.  My hooman got sick and had to move into special care where can you believe it - NO PETS ALLOWED!  I was very used to hanging with her and my sister Cleo so my first reaction may be to hide but more about Mila
Patches Patches
Patches was adopted the summer of 2019. Sadly, she was recently returned to NTCR due to a serious illness in her adopter's family. Patches a beautiful long haired kitty who is extremely affectionate towards people. She is approximately 5 years old. Patches would love a home with humans devoted more about Patches
Meadow was found by a dog rescue group who reached out to us to help her and her sister Misty find a great home.  Both girls are very sweet and they adapted well to their foster home.  Meadow loves the big dog in the home.  Naps in the sunshine and chin scratches and playing more about MEADOW
Ebony Ebony
Hi all. Are you looking for a beautiful panther who loves her human? I like to be where foster mom is, see what is going on and be a part of it, chat with her. I'm not a baby anymore but at that perfect age where we can chill together (cuddles are welcome) but there is not much to do to care more about Ebony
Major Tom Major Tom
My name is Major Tom and, yes, I was named after the David Bowie song!  My foster mom thought I was a boy (hee, hee!!) but I fooled her!!  Still, she likes the name but calls me Tomi.   I am a beautiful, silky, petite tabby with a slightly longer over coat.  When more about Major Tom
Beauregard: SPONSOR ME! Beauregard: SPONSOR ME!
Beauregard is not available for adoption, but is available to sponsor. He is one of our long-term foster/hospice care kitties. He's wonderful and full of purrsonality, but has a grade 5 (out of 6) heart murmur and endo cardiomyopathy. Basically, it’s a disease of the heart muscle more about Beauregard: SPONSOR ME!
BonBon BonBon
Playful and curious, BonBon is a fun girl who LOVES toys.  She plays well with other cats, uses the litter box like a champ, isn't picky about her food and loves to meet new people once she is comfortable in her environment.  She's a bit of an alpha personality so she would do more about BonBon
Dexter Dexter
Wonderful Dexter was saved from a shelter before the dreaded EU day and his foster mom is so happy about it. He is an adult but plays like a kitten, gets along with all the kitties and wants lots of love from his foster family too. This boy deserves a great purrmanent home but no dogs please, he more about Dexter
Beans Beans
Hi there! I was born in a foster home when my mom was rescued from a shelter and I'm so thankful - I LOVE people though I can be a little shy at first.  Playing with my siblings is fun but curling up with foster mom is even better.  I do love kitten things - chasing springs and more about Beans
Cannoli Cannoli
Rose DBA Rose DBA
Rose was the runt of a large litter and had a serious eye infection.  With a little TLC, she is good as new! Rose is a petite kitten and has a very sweet personality.  Her foster mom works from home so Rose has had a lot of hugs and kisses from a very young age. She has a gentle, more about Rose DBA
Blanche Blanche
Blanche was brought to a local shelter by herself and much too young to be away from her mother.  With a little bit of hand-feeding and the company of other kittens, Blanche has thrived!  Her foster mom works from home, so Blanche has had a lot of hugs and kisses at a very young age. more about Blanche
Biggie Biggie
Biggie is one cool cat who's looking for a forever home. He loves the other cats in his foster home and would be very happy to have kitty friends in his forever home. He's the purrfect combination of cuddly and a bit goofy...especially with toys. He loves all kinds of toys! He also more about Biggie
Desiree Desiree
FOSTER MOM WHERE ARE MY TREATS ???  Is the daily refrain from this beautiful girl.  She may not be a youngster anymore but she is full of life and really loves chasing the red dot from the laser pen.  Spring toys and a  sunny window view with an option to snuggle under the bed more about Desiree
Sophia Sophia
Have you ever visited an animal shelter?  Imagine it when you have 7 babies depending on you and everyone keeps talking about EU.  I am so happy my NTCR foster mom took one look at the posts of us sad in the cage and said we need to save them!  Life in a home is so great - they let more about Sophia
Bianca is NOT currently available for adoption but she can be sponsored! She was recently diagnosed as diabetic and while we try to stablize her glucose she cannot be adopted out. However, if you'd like to assist with her medical bills or food, we'd be grateful! Any dollar amount helps!! more about Bianca: SPONSOR ME!
Beans JBA Beans JBA
Madison Madison
Madison came to me with her brother Mason from a large influx of kittens in Mineral Wells. From day 1 Madison has been the sweetest, snuggliest kitty.  She loves to be close to you, and will try and crawl right up on your neck.  She is a great kitty.  Her favorite activities include more about Madison
Domino Domino
Fluffy-Floofer Fluffy-Floofer
Fluffy-Floofer is indeed fluffy, but did you know that she is also very gentle and sweet? A bit timid at first, Fluffy-Floofer does not take long to come out of her shell, especially when loving pets and massages are involved. She is an easy-going girl who prefers a calm home environment, although more about Fluffy-Floofer
Ringo Ringo
Ringo is a very sweet and calm kitty, just about eight-years-old. Her coat is soft and long, and her white booties and pink nose are as adorable as her bright green eyes and chirpy meow. She was previously adopted from a shelter, but her owners threw her outside, eventually moving and abandoning more about Ringo
Bonzai Bonzai
Hi everyone! After a rough start in life I finally  found safety and security in my foster home. Foster mom saw me at the shelter and knew I was too shy for there and brought me home. There is one kitty there  who has too much personality for me but I do fine  with everyone else more about Bonzai
Frazier Frazier
Frazier is a sweet and loving boy.  He wants to cuddle with humans any chance he gets.  He loves to climb on foster mom's chest and just rest after a busy play time.  Frazier is friendly and greets everyone that comes to his foster home, including children. Frazier loves more about Frazier
Sarge Sarge
After surviving his whole life on the streets, Sarge has earned his respect.  Sarge is a VERY mild mannered and easygoing cat.  He purrs a lot and loves to be petted but is not needy.  Sarge is  moderately active and likes other cats. He is currently being more about Sarge
Paige Paige
Hi there my name is Paige! I am an affectionate, playful, and beautiful young girl. My foster family says I am such a sweet young girl. I love to be fussed over, this includes being cuddled, and kissed. I love kisses, as well as giving them. If you put me up to your face I usually give small more about Paige
Smokes Smokes
Smokes is a sweet, beautiful girl who will need a bit of TLC from her new forever family. She is timid, but for good reason - her owner passed away. Now she's adjusting to new people, new smells, a whole new life - but she's taking it in stride and she's shown nothing but kindness since arriving to more about Smokes
Tracker Tracker
This sweetheart is the whole package. Tracker is extremely kind towards other kitties, even older cats - he's a respectful guy. He's outgoing and affectionate, and says hello when you walk in the door. He plays, but not in the rough way most kittens do - he's a gentle soul and adaptable to new more about Tracker
Skye Skye
Skye is adorable, obviously, but she is so much more. She is a very thoughtful kitten. And for her age, to be so kind and attentive towards older kitties that she's been fostered with is heartwarming and very endearing. She is an adaptable kitten, of course, very go with the flow. She enjoys more about Skye
Speedy Speedy
This handsome beefcake is ready for a best friend (and a warm lap ). He is the ultimate human companion who will greet you when you come home, follow you around the house, and snuggle with you night or day. He is extremely friendly and confident. Getting along with other kitties isn't an issue, as more about Speedy
Hope Hope
Hi I’m Hope, I am such a sweet girl who loves to cuddle with my human and play with my brother and friends. I like tunnels, springs, wand toys and my tail. When I am done playing, I find foster mom or a sibling to cuddle and nap with. My brother and I had a rough start in life, but now we& more about Hope
Henry Henry
Hi I’m Henry! I’m a sweet and goofy boy who loves to play with tunnels, wand toys, springs, balls and anything that moves really. My sister, Hope, is my best friend so we need to be adopted together. Don’t worry though, this dynamic duo is really to show our forever family how more about Henry
Chuck Chuck
Hello my name is Chuck! I am a sweet, affectionate, playful young boy. In case you couldn’t tell from my photos I am very photogenic and extremely handsome. I just love my picture being taken and honestly I love being the center of attention. Sometimes my foster family needs a little more about Chuck
Snuggles for Real Snuggles for Real
This buff boy is a one of a kind gentle giant. He's extremely sweet, even tempered, and affectionate towards other kitties, as well as people. His calm demeanor, his chill attitude, it's not something we see often enough - but it looks great on him and we can't wait for someone to scoop him up and more about Snuggles for Real
Bows Bows
Bows, though she has no tail, she is big in heart and shows so much love and adoration towards people. She is kind, gentle, and like many Siamese, posseses a deep meow that she uses to say hello and tell you about her day. Bows is used to being around other kitties and doesn't mind their company, more about Bows
Firecracker Firecracker
How to describe such a cool, young guy? He's a sweetheart that loves attention and was sadly dropped off at a Dollar Tree for reasons unknown to him. He's a great cat and just wants loves
May May