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Highlighted Animals:
Sara and Molly Sara and Molly
****** PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE****** For serious inquiries please contact Michelle 469-693-9622 I have the privilege to care for those 2 delightfully sweet girls for the past 2 months in their home. Although they are seniors they are healthy and physically fit. They love to greet me every morning more about Sara and Molly
Tiger Tiger
Tiger is a very sweet boy who just needs a little help trusting people.  He was adopted and returned which set him back a bit.  He will come and lay with his foster mom on the couch and sleep with her at night but he doesn't want to be held yet.  He loves the dogs and other more about Tiger
Murphey Murphey
I am a really sweet girl.  I will purr a lot when held, petted, or talked to.  My brother is Cooper (AKA Caleb).  We love each other very much and would love to be adopted together.
Cooper Cooper
I am a really sweet boy.  I will purr a lot when held, petted, or talked to.  My sister is Murphey (AKA Caitlyn).  We love each other very much and would love to be adopted together.
Honey Bunny Honey Bunny
My name is Honey Bunny and I'm a sweet shy guy.  I really love my human companions and love to sit with them and get pets and love. Foster mom says I have the loudest purr ever!!!  My hobbies are eating and napping, and I am told I have great litter box skills!  Because I am shy, more about Honey Bunny
Caruso Caruso
My name is Caruso, and I'm really trying to figure out why I have not found my forever home yet.  My foster mom says its okay because she loves me very much, but I would really like to have a home of my own.  I love to run around with my house mates and play, lay on the back of more about Caruso
Manderin Manderin
Ziggy Ziggy
I am a Polydactyl kitty.  That means I have extra toes on my front feet.  It is so cool.  I also have black lines under my ears, so it looks like I have big eyebrows.  I do OK with the other kitties in my foster home, but I have not bonded with any of them, so I would be more about Ziggy
Major Tom Major Tom
My name is Major Tom and, yes, I was named after the David Bowie song!  My foster mom thought I was a boy (hee, hee!!) but I fooled her!!  Still, she likes the name but calls me Tomi.   I am a beautiful, silky, petite tabby with a slightly longer over coat.  When more about Major Tom
Brobee Brobee
Hellllloooo people! I'm Brobee. Let me tell you a little bit about myself! I am a sweet and loving boy that doesn't like to be doted on. I enjoy some good petting but when I'm done, I'm done! I would love a home where I can just be me, where there are no expectations! I'm pretty more about Brobee
Rocky Rocky
I was a stray living in the shopping center parking lot outside the Petsmart in Allen.  My foster mom was feeding me and caught me to get me neutered and found out I was friendly.  Because I was living on the street so long and probably fighting lot of other Tom Cats, I am FIV+.  But, more about Rocky
Hallie Hallie
Herbie Herbie
It's taken Herbie a while to decide he's ready to look for a new home - life in the foster home is too much fun with all his siblings but now that they are starting to find their homes he's thinking it may be his turn.  He will take a little time to adjust to new surroundings but more about Herbie
Beauregard: Sponsor Me! Beauregard: Sponsor Me!
Beauregard is not available for adoption, but is available to sponsor. He is one of our long-term foster/hospice care kitties. He's wonderful and full of purrsonality, but has a grade 5 (out of 6) heart murmur and endo cardiomyopathy. Basically, it’s a disease of the heart more about Beauregard: Sponsor Me!
Tina Tina
Tina is a sweet young cat who has epilepsy.  She was on medication as a kitten, but it wasn't making too much of a difference on her seizures.  She has been off her seizure medication for a while now, and while she does have the occasional seizure, the number has reduced from when she more about Tina
Henry Henry
Henry is a wonderful boy who loves to run and play and chase fuzzy mice. He's always had lots of siblings around so would love to find a permanent home where he could still have furry playmates.   Can you find a place in your home and heart for Henry?
Peggy Carter Peggy Carter
I'm Peggy Carter! I can't believe anyone hasn't snatched me up yet!! I am a sweet snugly girl - I just hate being at Adoption Events, and get super stressed! Please don't judge me by my behavior there!! I get along great with all the kitties in my foster home. I love more about Peggy Carter
Shuri Shuri
I was a bottle baby, rescued with my brother when our Mom would not feed us.  He got adopted but I'm looking for my forever home.  I'm super playful and lovable & would like another kitty friend.
Moto Moto
Hello, my name is Moto. I was caught as a stray and taken to the shelter. When they realized that I was injured, NTCR stepped in to give me a safe home in which to recover from a broken femur and hip joint. I am a super sweet boy! Even when I was injured and not able to walk well, I was sweet and more about Moto
Preacher Preacher
I have a very cute face and my coloring makes me look really expressive! I am more independent than my siblings, but I love attention and cuddles from my foster. I’m very playful and love playing with my siblings.  I was rescued with my siblings at a marina and kept safe until NTCR had more about Preacher
Margeaux Margeaux
Margeaux is a beautiful green eyed calico girl. She has lovely litter box skills and is an avid cuddler.  She will crawl up on your chest to sleep while you read or watch TV.  If she is displeased she will certainly let you know especially at mealtime, she is a more about Margeaux
Poe Poe
My name is Poe.  I was adopted into a loving family 2 years ago, but their circumstances have changed and they had to surrender me.  So for now, I am hanging out with my foster mom again, and hoping for another chance at a forever home.  I am super sweet and loving.  I use my more about Poe
Kashmir Kashmir
Hi everyone! Just wanted to post an update to the world that I have decided I like being in a foster home and getting love from people and other kitties.  There is one foster buddy who likes to chase but everyone else is all about the cuddles so I am too!  If you look at my pic and see a more about Kashmir
JoJo JoJo
Hi! I’m Jojo.   I thought I had found my forever home but I'm at NTCR searching again!  The family who picked me had some life changes and there just is no place for me anymore.  They said I was a loyal girl, very protective of them and that I loved mom and dad but more about JoJo
Lexi Lexi
Lexi was rescued from the Collin County Animal Shelter shortly after weaning a litter of kittens. She was still a kitten herself when she became a mother. Another group rescued Lexi's kittens, but left her at the shelter. NTCR quickly pulled Lexi from the shelter when we discovered what more about Lexi
Desiree Desiree
FOSTER MOM WHERE ARE MY TREATS ???  Is the daily refrain from this beautiful girl.  She may not be a youngster anymore but she is full of life and really loves chasing the red dot from the laser pen.  Spring toys and a  sunny window view with an option to snuggle under the bed more about Desiree
Boots Boots
I was found on some railroad tracks in Ennis TX - it seemed like fun at the time but I'm much preferring the indoor life now that I've had a taste of it.  I am friendly but would be fine hanging on my own while you are at work, I don't need constant attention like some kitties. more about Boots
Shiloh Shiloh
Shane Shane
Mochi Mochi
Mochi was dumped at the shelter by her previous family with her pile of babies and was a great, protective momma.  She is still a little bit in protective mode though the babies are off on their own now but she is making progress and wants to find her own home so she doesn't have to worry more about Mochi
Arizona loves dogs Arizona loves dogs
Arizona - I love people and love to be cuddled. I love playing with other cats too! My foster family has a pitbull named Nikki who I adore. I love to snuggle her. 
Jordan Jordan
Jordan and his siblings were tiny babies at the shelter when a volunteer reached out and his foster mom could not resist the pull of all the orange sweethearts.  Luckily, even though she was young momma knew what to do and has raised a perfect litter of sweet, playful boys.  All they more about Jordan
Mystery Mystery
My name is Mystery, but I am not a mystery. Why, because I am sweet. I love when foster Mom holds me, sometimes I just like holding hands. When I explore the house I love to find all the toys and play with them. Don't my beautiful eyes make you want to love on me? I really want to be the only more about Mystery
Lynx Lynx
Well hello there!  I'm one of the bobtail crew but I got lucky with especially silky long hair that I just love people to enjoy with me. To get your attention I will purr VERY LOUDLY - wouldn't want you to miss the fact that I love people once I get used to them. I love the kitties and more about Lynx
River River
Hi!  My name is River and I had a rough start to life and now I have some trust issues with humans.  My foster mom has been working with me and and I don't hiss or growl at her anymore.  When she picks me up, I just melt into her and actually like to be petted most of the time more about River
Knight Knight
This little guy joined our other foster kittens and immediately fit right in.  He is the smallest of the group, but definitely the most vocal!  He loves to chat with everyone.  He really enjoys playing with his brother and sister too.   He is very comfortable around our two more about Knight
Burkett Burkett
Hi! I'm Burkett!  I did some time as a street cat for a little bit. I was picked up to be neutered and they clipped my ear to put me back on the street - something called TNR - and then they discovered how sweet I was! I went into a foster home for a little while. The other more about Burkett
Schoder Schoder
Hi there!  I've made it to rescue and this makes me so happy - it was REALLY crowded in my original home so when the chance to go somewhere else came me and my siblings jumped at the chance.  They got adopted a few months ago, but I am still here since I had some sickness in my more about Schoder
Liam Liam
Liam has had a hard start in life. He was abandoned when young and had to fend for himself on the streets where the mean Toms beat him up. He's all healthy now and ready to be inside now. He is very gentle so would be good with kids and he gets along with all the kitties in his foster home. more about Liam
Fred Fred
Hi there my name is Fred!  I am a quiet but playful guy.  I have 2 sisters and 1 brother that I play with every day at my foster family’s house.  We love to play chase and play with toys and boxes and grocery bags.  So if you have kids that with be gentle with me, we more about Fred
Gunner Gunner
Hi everyone!  I was rescued from a shelter with several buddies and this nice person has been teaching me how wonderful it is to live in a house and get given food and petting and have toys to play with - who knew it could be so much better than the streets?  I do still give people a " more about Gunner
(Baby)Spike (Baby)Spike
Hi, my name is Spike. I was on the streets, raising a new litter of babies, when some rescuers brought me and my litter into their warm, cozy home. I'm a friendly young lady, who enjoys human company and perching in the window. I'm just starting to learn how to play and am fond of feather more about (Baby)Spike
Audrey Audrey
Audrey is a gorgeous, petite girl with beautiful fur. She is not quite a year old so she was just a baby when she had her kittens (Dumplin, Chicken, Frank & Beans), but was an amazing mama cat! She took such great care of them! All but one of her kittens has found their forever home. more about Audrey
Magnolia Magnolia
Hi!  I'm Magnolia.  My foster family named me that because I'm beautiful just like the flower and of course, I agree!  I have the sweetest face and disposition.  I really like the other kitties in my foster home now that I have gotten a chance to know them.  Nose more about Magnolia
Sophia Sophia
Have you ever visited an animal shelter?  Imagine it when you have 7 babies depending on you and everyone keeps talking about EU.  I am so happy my NTCR foster mom took one look at the posts of us sad in the cage and said we need to save them!  Life in a home is so great - they let more about Sophia
May Belle May Belle
Hi, world! I am May Belle. My foster mom says I am a diamond in the rough and worth the investment. I may look shy and fearful…looking as if my one wish in the world is to make you disappear if only it had the power to do so. SHY CATS LIKE ME ARE NOT FERAL. I am tame and genuinely enjoy the more about May Belle
Damascus Damascus
Hi! I’m Damascus, but my foster humans love nicknames, so they call me Brody. I have amazing eyes - one blue and one gold. I also have a GREAT personality! I used to be a spicy scared feral kitten, but I decided pretty fast that people are great, and now I love to cuddle and play more about Damascus
Damocles Damocles
His name on paper is Damocles, but we call him Mikey (it’s a long story). Mikey is a recovering feral kitten, shy of strangers but goofy and loving with those that he trusts. Once you win his heart, you’re in for a world of cuddles, play, and kisses. He loves to wrestle and snuggle with more about Damocles
Persimmon Persimmon
Hello world! I am Persimmon. I am a bundle of energy! My days are filled with plays, runs, naps, plays and food. I am a happy and oh so loving and lovable kitten who gets along with everybody.. I need to be adopted with one of my siblings or another kitten of my own age.
Charley Charley
Hello world! I am Charley. I am a bundle of energy! My days are filled with plays, runs, naps, plays. I totally love breakfast, snack, lunch, snack,supper and snack times. I am a happy and oh so loving and lovable kitten who gets along with everyone. I lovecto stalk my hooman everywhere in the more about Charley