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Adoption Process

It you see a kitty you would like to adopt, this is how it's done.

1. Submit application. The application is not a commitment. If you meet the cat or kitten and decide the cat is not a good fit, you are not obligated to adopt the kitty. 

2. Application Approval: Your application will be reviewed and an adoption counselor will contact you. If you are not approved, it just means that the cat is not a good fit for you or someone else has already submitted an application. When a cat is not a good fit for you home it might be because the cat you have chosen does not like dogs or does not do well with small children. 

3. Meet the pet: Your application has been approved and a meet-and-greet is arranged to confirm that you and the cat are happy with each other. This is when you can decide that another cat might be more compatible with your family.

4. Interview: This is where the councilor will talk to you about the questions you answered on the application.

5. Sign adoption contract

6. Pay fee.

7. Take your new kitty home.

Adoption Policy and Additional Information

Our adoption fee is $150.00

We will not hold a cat or kitten. 

All adoptions are first come first serve except when there are multiple requests for one animal. In the event of multiple requests, we will take your application and make a decision based on the needs of the cat/kitten and the best fit with the potential adopter.