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Give that special someone the gift of love and friendship this holiday season by purchasing a North Texas Cat Rescue Gift Voucher and letting the recipient find his or her PURRFECT companion.

Even if you are very sure someone would enjoy receiving a pet as a gift, doing so during the holidays puts extra stresson everyone, especially the animal.  Cats are long-term companions and the new owner's committment could be as long as 20 years. For this reason it is important to choose a kitty that will fit in with the dynamics of the new home. Giving a Gift Voucher enables the recipient to choose the right kitty.

A Gift Voucher works like any other adoption except that it is prepaid.  Please note that the recipient of the Gift Voucher will need to follow the regular adoption process and NTCR approval guidelines.

You can purchase a Gift Voucher at the adoption events held at PetSmart in Allen. See our home page for date and time.