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Animals' Home - North Texas Cat Rescue
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Highlighted Animals:
Sidney Sidney
No doubt I am a beautiful boy with beautiful markings! I am very shy at first, but as soon as you start petting me I can’t get enough. I LOVE affection! I was dumped out in the country, and a nice man was feeding me and a bunch of other cats and dogs that got dumped there too. Then some more about Sidney
Cisco - SPONSOR ME!! Cisco - SPONSOR ME!!
Cisco is an amazing cat who has been with NTCR for several years. During his annual vet visit we ran his bloodwork as he is considered a senior cat. He is in kidney failure. It’s moderate and he needs fluids, medications, and special food to help ensure his kidneys continue to function. If more about Cisco - SPONSOR ME!!
Ziggy Ziggy
I am a Polydactyl kitty.  That means I have extra toes on my front feet.  It is so cool.  I also have black lines under my ears, so it looks like I have big eyebrows.  I do OK with the other kitties in my foster home, but I have not bonded with any of them, so I would be more about Ziggy
Biggie - SPONSOR ME!! Biggie - SPONSOR ME!!
Biggie is an amazing cat who has been with NTCR for several years. In early 2023, he lost some weight and was taken to our vet for his annual checkup and bloodwork where it was discovered he has diabetes. Insulin costs $60-$70 per vial. Each vial lasts about one month. more about Biggie - SPONSOR ME!!
Bianca - SPONSOR ME!! Bianca - SPONSOR ME!!
Bianca has been with NTCR for more than a year. She was diagnosed diabetic on intake so her chances of adoption are virtually non-existent. Her insulin costs $60-$70 per vial. Each vial lasts about one month.  Bianca also requires special diabetic management food.  Please consider more about Bianca - SPONSOR ME!!
Topanga Topanga
Hi everyone - I am back with NTCR looking for my forever home.  I was adopted as a kitten but just never quite fit.  I'm doing really well in my foster home where there are no children and no dogs so I think that might be the best environment for me.  I like to ask for pets and more about Topanga
Speedy Speedy
Senior Speedy is back on the market after being returned for meowing, "too much". This handsome beefcake is ready for a best friend (and a warm lap ). He is the ultimate human companion who will greet you when you come home, follow you around the house, and snuggle with you night or day. He is more about Speedy
Simba Simba
Simba is back with NTCR as the resident kitty started beating up on him. Despite all the change in his life he has been super sweet and gentle with everyone he has met and loves pets and chin scratches. He lived with other cats and a dog in his foster home but would do well with only a human friend more about Simba
Guilder Guilder
Guilder is a former feral looking for exactly the right humans. She has made great progress in socialization, and loves cuddles, lap time, and petting, BUT -- and this is key -- it has to be HER IDEA.    Guilder likes: Toys, Her sister Florin, Laps, Being combed, more about Guilder
Nairobi Nairobi
As a stunning golden Torbi, I am the epitome of feline beauty.  While I may be initially shy, I crave attention and love. I may not meow much but when I need your attention I’ll gently place my paw on your leg. Sleeping with you and cuddling on your lap are some of my favorite more about Nairobi
Naira Naira
Hi there!  Looking for a girl who will perk up when you enter the room and ask for pets but will be okay hanging on her own while you work?  Look no further  As a cuddle enthusiast, I love nothing more than snuggling with you at night and getting chin scratches while sitting on more about Naira
Ringo Ringo
Ringo is a very sweet and calm kitty, just about nine-years-old. Her coat is soft and long, and her white booties and pink nose are as adorable as her bright green eyes and chirpy meow. She was previously adopted from a shelter, but her owners threw her outside, eventually moving and abandoning more about Ringo
Beyoncé Beyoncé
Hello, my name is Beyoncé! I am an affectionate, loving, and playful girl. Other cats and/or kittens are lucky enough to be found by their foster families, well, I had other plans. I decided that I would find my own foster family, literally. I was out living on the streets when I wandered more about Beyoncé
Jerry Jerry
Abbi Abbi
Abbi was rescued from Fair Park by the cast and crew of Moulin Rouge. They found her outside the theater and took her in, then she had babies a couple of days later. She was super sweet and they didn't want to leave town and have to leave her and her babies outside, so they reached out to more about Abbi
Tippy Tippy
Tippy is 13 years young and came to us because her owner passed and there was no one to look after Tippy. She has spent all of her 13 years in this quiet home. She is a little shy at first bc everything and everyone is new to her but with a small space to start and tlc we have seen her coming out more about Tippy
Ross Ross
Hi - I am a playful kitten who gets along great with my siblings and other fosters in the home.  I like to eat snacks, play with my toys and chase my siblings around.  Then it's time for people cuddles.  I'm still young and need to be adopted with a similar age kitty who more about Ross
Sarge Sarge
After surviving his whole life on the streets, Sarge has earned his respect.  Sarge is a VERY mild mannered and easygoing cat.  He purrs a lot and loves to be petted but is not needy.  Sarge is  moderately active and likes other cats. He is currently being more about Sarge
Toulouse Toulouse
My name is Toulouse and I am a lover and demand love. I love strings of any kind-from strings on your PJs, to twine or rope. I am extremely energetic, playful & curious. I was the only boy of my litter & the big brother. I am very bonded to my sister, Cinder, who helps me burn off all my more about Toulouse
Cinder Cinder
My name is Cinder & I’m a sweet, playful girl that likes to be loved. I like to be rubbed from my head to my tail. I love to play with toys, powder puffs, headbands or whatever you have. I am very bonded to my big brother Toulouse. We play well together & are extremely close. We help more about Cinder
Edith Edith
Hello my name is Edith! I am a sweet, loving, and playful young girl. When my siblings and I came to NTCR we hadn’t had the best experience with people. Through lots of patience and love we learned just how awesome being loved is. I now love cuddles! When you walk past me I let out a more about Edith
Monica Monica
Hi there! I'm all kitten - I love napping in the sun after running around and playing with my siblings. Spring toys are great and fishing line toys.  I need to be adopted with one of my sibs or to a family with other young kitties to help me grow into a great adult cat. ps - I love to more about Monica
Rachel Rachel
Hi my name is Rachel and I love to play! I get along with everyone and love to take naps while sunbathing.  I'm not shy and will play with springs and laser dot and fish pole toys and love pets.  I may be a bit of a door darter but I'm sure I'll grow out of that.  I will more about Rachel
Phoebe Buffay Phoebe Buffay
I’m a sweet talkative kitten. I love to follow my foster family around the house. But I also love to play and Chase my siblings throughout the house. I like to nap with my foster family and cuddle serval times a day.
Tux Tux
Agnes Agnes
Hello, my name is Agnes! I am a sweet, lovable, and fun loving young girl.  I along with my siblings were picked up off the streets so initially we were very unsure of people.  Our foster family however has shown us that the human hand can be kind and what love should feel like, plus more about Agnes
Hannah Hannah
*BONDED PAIR - WITH AVERY* Hello my name is Hannah! I am a cuddly, playful and beautiful young girl.  I LOVE cuddles, I am a sweet girl with a massive purr box that lets you know just how happy I am. Along with cuddles I also love to play! I love to play with both toys and my foster more about Hannah
Avery Avery
*BONDED PAIR - WITH HANNAH* Hello my name is Avery!  I am a fun, affectionate, and playful young girl.  Have you seen the sheer amount of toys this world has to offer? There's so many different types, colors, and some of them smell funky. There's this weird thing called more about Avery
Florin Florin
Florin came to rescue as a feral. She's made a lot of progress in socialization, and needs a household that will love her as she is, and as she is not.  She is a beauty who likes to be around the edges of the action. In her foster home, she's usually in the living room where the more about Florin
Saylor Saylor
Saylor a beautiful, very playful boy. He is super affectionate and likes to be held like a baby and will even hug your neck. He's a cuddly, "velcro" kitty. He's very high energy and loves to play. Any and all toys are very fun and exciting to him. He loves cat trees more about Saylor
Lola Lola
Looking for a sweet, silly, obedient pup to play and cuddle with? Let me "point" you in the right direction.♥️ Meet LOLA, a six-year-old English Pointer who is just the kindest, most affable dog we have ever fostered. She is on the small side, approx. 42 lbs. with brown freckles and a big more about Lola
Fred bonded with George Fred bonded with George
Fred is very curious and likes to think of himself as the leader ( we think he's the first born of the litter). He opens up to contact fairly easily however he's not the most affectionate, he's not really into being held but he likes pets. He has lovely, swirling, marble stripes. His more about Fred bonded with George
George bonded with Fred George bonded with Fred
His brother George is really sweet and laid back, he just takes a bit to warm up to you and then he enjoys being next to you. His brother Fred is very curious and likes to think of himself as the leader (we think he's the first born of the litter). The two are inseparable and love to play. more about George bonded with Fred
Summer Summer
Summer is the SWEETEST girl! She’s very friendly and just wants to cuddle with people. She has the most beautiful markings and lots of gorgeous caramel colors in her fur. She would be super happy in a quiet home where she gets all your love and attention! She does not like dogs and is best more about Summer