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Highlighted Cats:
Saros (aka Solas) Saros (aka Solas)
Saros (pronounced sair-os) aka Solas was adopted from us as a kitten and recently returned through no fault of his own. He was stressed in the home, which lead to him pulling out his fur. They believed it would be best to return him and let us find a home more suitable, quieter home more about Saros (aka Solas)
Toliver Toliver
Toliver is a chonky boy on a weight loss journey. He was adopted from us as a little kitten. His owners reached out to return him and we said we absolutely would take him back! What did they do then? Dump him at the Plano Animal Shelter! Thankfully, the Plano shelter and staff are awesome more about Toliver
Topanga Topanga
WANTED - A BFF!  Do you have a home that is too quiet when you get home from work or do you work from home and want a quiet companion?  Look no further!  I would like to be part of your quiet home and am just seeking some head/chin scratches and soothing pets.  I hang beside more about Topanga
Basile (Tractor) Basile (Tractor)
Basile the ginger cat is a playful and affectionate feline who loves to engage in interactive activities. He thrives on cuddling and enjoys the company of a companion around the same age. Whether it's chasing toys or curling up for a cozy nap, Basile is always up for a good time. His relaxed more about Basile (Tractor)
Beyoncé Beyoncé
Hello, my name is Beyoncé! I am an affectionate, loving, and playful girl. Other cats and/or kittens are lucky enough to be found by their foster families, well, I had other plans. I decided that I would find my own foster family, literally. I was out living on the streets when I wandered more about Beyoncé
Tippy Tippy
Tippy came to us after her owner  unexpectedly passed away, and no one from her person's family was willing to take her, which is incredibly sad! Tippy spent her whole life with her previous owner and loved her very much. She needs a loving home where she can spend her retirement years being more about Tippy
Lilly Belle Lilly Belle
Hi there!  My family could not keep me as I kept tripping them up so the vet asked NTCR to try and find me a good new home since I'm only 8 and have lots of life yet.  I don't get under foot in my foster home too much though I will appear out of nowhere for pets and when more about Lilly Belle
Edith Edith
Hello my name is Edith! I am a sweet, loving, and playful young girl. When my siblings and I came to NTCR we hadn’t had the best experience with people. Through lots of patience and love we learned just how awesome being loved is. I now love cuddles! When you walk past me I let out a more about Edith
Anders Anders
Hi I’m Anders! I’m a very sweet guy who loves to cuddle and play with my siblings and friends. I enjoy racing through tunnels, wrestling and running through the house like a nut. Springs and wand toys are my favorite, but anything that moves will do. I’m a mama’s boy and more about Anders
Gunner Gunner
Hello everyone! My name is Gunner! I’m part kangaroo, part kitten and part acrobat. I like to show off my acrobatic skills while playing with wand toys and laser pointer. I’m stealth and will sometimes bat at your leg as you walk past. When I play with my favorite toy, I’ll more about Gunner
Sebastian Sebastian
I'm Sebastian! I'm super cute and a bit of a goofball. I've never met a stranger, everyone is welcome to play with me! I'm looking for an energetic forever home that will give me lots of fun time and snuggles, when I'm ready to relax. I'm extremely active and will definitely more about Sebastian
Brooks Brooks
Brooks was brought to a shelter with severe eye injuries which led to his left eye being surgically removed when he was only .85lbs and has limited vision in the other eye.  That does not slow him down one bit!!  Brooks is active, playful, affectionate and loves to be cuddled.  His more about Brooks
Dunn Dunn
Brooks and Dunn are not littermates, but they were both brought to a shelter when they were too young to be away from their mother.   Dunn is outgoing, playful and a purring machine!  He loves to be cuddled and likes sleeping next to you at night.  Playing with balls on more about Dunn
Anelli Anelli
Hi I’m Anelli! I’m a fun, sassy and playful girl. I don’t really like to be picked up, but I love playing with the ball toy with the scratcher in the middle and I kind of turn into an acrobat. Wand toys turn me into a ninja and my brothers turn my zoomies on. Speaking of more about Anelli
Annalise Annalise
Annalise and her 5 kittens were rescued by NTCR from the shelter in McKinney. She has successfully raised her babies and is ready to find her forever home. Annalise has a beautiful, long, silky, black & white coat and gold eyes. She loves attention and is very affectionate more about Annalise
Heartichoke Heartichoke
Heartichoke is the most loving, sweet, and affectionate guy. He needs to go to a house with a companion animal or with his sibling chicken nugget because he cries a lot without a mate. He takes a minute to warm up to new ppl and environments, but once he does, he loves his pets. He has great litter more about Heartichoke
Chicken Nugget Chicken Nugget
Chicken nugget was once a big chicken, but not anymore. He comes and asks for pets and loves people and other animals . He needs a home with a companion animal or to go with his siblings Heartichoke. He takes a little minute to warm up to new environments like most cats, but once he is comfortable, more about Chicken Nugget
Elizabeth Elizabeth
Elizabeth is a beautiful, orange, dainty, independent kitten who loves people and loves her brother. She is bonded to her brother, Mr. Darcy and they need a home together. If they don't know where the other one is, they will cry and look till they find each other. They horse around nonstop more about Elizabeth
Mr. Darcy Mr. Darcy
Mr. Darcy, we can't say enough sweet things about him and his sister Elizabeth. This bonded pair is nonstop fun. They have two modes: hard and heavy playing or sleeping. Mr. Darcy loves to sleep up next to his person, and Elizabeth wants to be near her big brother but more toward the feet. They more about Mr. Darcy
Gus Gus
Gus is super affectionate and friendly. He follows his foster around the house and likes to be near her, often times being exceptionally "helpful" with whatever chore she's doing. Gus loves to sit in laps and have his head/face/chin scratched. He also loves to be held and cuddled. more about Gus
Charger Charger
Charger is 1 of a kind. He's spunky, playful, very affectionate and thinks he's a flying squirrel. If you happen to stand near a tall surface, he will find his way to you and if he can't find you, he'll chirp until he does.
Baby Tango Baby Tango
My name is baby tango , mango tango to be exact or baby will do . Call me anything you want really because I will love you just the same I am a lover. I love people and other animals. I will be your entertainer, your snuggle bug, and your biggest fan. I need to go to a home with an animal more about Baby Tango
Maverick Maverick
Maverick is the most playful of 3 siblings. He loves to climb, so he will need a tall cat tree. Judging by his paws, he may be a big boy when he grows up. He plays hard but sleeps even harder. He also loves to burrow under the blanket. 
Zac Zac
baby boots baby boots
Baby boots is the most loving affectionate feline. She will be someone's best friend for some food and a soft place to sleep. Boots deserves a good loving home to spoil her. Come get her for the holidays. She is all ready to go on vetting and has excellent litter box skills .
Goldie Goldie
I was living on the streets at a trailer park in Greenville. A very nice lady was feeding me, but she didn’t think it was safe for me to be living outside, so she contacted NTCR to rescue me. I am a very sweet loving kitty. I like lots of attention. I am also very laid back, and I get along more about Goldie
Keeley Keeley
Luna Luna
I am a super playful kitten who loves my sister Hido.  I love the string and laser and cannot figure out why I cannot ever catch it.  I am nice and cuddly and will fall asleep on  your legs when I am tired and my purr is AMAZING.  I have great litter box manners and have been more about Luna
Hido Hido
I'm SUPER playful and love to run run run till my energy is exhausted!  I love the laser and string toys as well as any balls I can find.  I have been raised in a house with Children and big dogs so give me a little time to acclimate and I will be fine with them.  When I am tired more about Hido
Farrah Farrah
Farrah is a calico/tabby mix with fur that feels like silk.  She is playful, curious and fearless!!   Like her siblings, Farrah is VERY affectionate and loves to be held and petted.  She likes chasing balls across a hardwood floors and sleeping next to you at night. more about Farrah
Cheese Stick Cheese Stick
Cordie Cordie
I am a sweet girl. I would be a great lap cat. I would be good as an only cat because I don’t really like other cats or dogs. 
Fiona Fiona
Cosmo Cosmo
Cosmo what a little love. He is shy at the very beginning but loves love. He is growing to be a sweet character that will add a lot of life and laughs to someone's home. He does well with other cats, with a slow intro and has perfect litter box manners. All his vetting is wrapped up in time for the more about Cosmo
Charleston Charleston
I love people. I like to play too, but my favorite is human companionship. I do very well with other cats and have excellent litter manners. They call me Charleston like a Charleston chew.
Poppy Poppy
Poppy was found as a stray cat in a neighborhood. She's a fun girl who loves to be around people and other cats. She loves to play with toys and have her paws rubbed. Poppy likes to snuggle up next to people and either make biscuits while she purrs with happiness or take a nap. 
Fright Fright
Fright is a beautiful, sweet boy that loves cuddles, laps, toys and all the attention. He is a very active when awake and will need furry companions to keep him busy.
Frankenstein Frankenstein
Frankenstein "Frankie" is such a cool little dude. He loves lap cuddles, furry cuddles, pets and toys. He's a busy little guy and will need a home with another furry playmate.
Milo Milo
I'm a very chill and laid back dude. I'd like nothing better than to cuddle up for a nap or to watch a movie with you!  I loooove kitty treats too. Wanna hang out forever?
Biggie - SPONSOR ME!! Biggie - SPONSOR ME!!
Biggie is an amazing cat who has been with NTCR for several years. In early 2023, he lost some weight and was taken to our vet for his annual checkup and bloodwork where it was discovered he has diabetes. Insulin costs $60-$70 per vial. Each vial lasts about one month. more about Biggie - SPONSOR ME!!
Bianca - SPONSOR ME!! Bianca - SPONSOR ME!!
Bianca has been with NTCR for more than a year. She was diagnosed diabetic on intake so her chances of adoption are virtually non-existent. Her insulin costs $60-$70 per vial. Each vial lasts about one month.  Bianca also requires special diabetic management food.  Please consider more about Bianca - SPONSOR ME!!