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Victoria Victoria
My name is Victoria, and my foster mom says I play shy when I meet new people, but at home I have a sparkling sweet personality. My former family gave me up when I couldn't get along with the puppy they bought. I don't think it was my fault, and I am so sad and confused. My foster home is a more about Victoria
Tiger Tiger
Tiger is a very sweet boy who just needs a little help trusting people.  He was adopted and returned which set him back a bit.  He will come and lay with his foster mom on the couch and sleep with her at night but he doesn't want to be held yet.  He loves the dogs and other more about Tiger
Murphey Murphey
I am a really sweet girl.  I will purr a lot when held, petted, or talked to.  My brother is Cooper (AKA Caleb).  We love each other very much and would love to be adopted together.
Cooper Cooper
I am a really sweet boy.  I will purr a lot when held, petted, or talked to.  My sister is Murphey (AKA Caitlyn).  We love each other very much and would love to be adopted together.
Caruso Caruso
My name is Caruso, and I'm really trying to figure out why I have not found my forever home yet.  My foster mom says its okay because she loves me very much, but I would really like to have a home of my own.  I love to run around with my house mates and play, lay on the back of more about Caruso
Manderin Manderin
Ziggy Ziggy
I am a Polydactyl kitty.  That means I have extra toes on my front feet.  It is so cool.  I also have black lines under my ears, so it looks like I have big eyebrows.  I do OK with the other kitties in my foster home, but I have not bonded with any of them, so I would be more about Ziggy
Major Tom Major Tom
My name is Major Tom and, yes, I was named after the David Bowie song!  My foster mom thought I was a boy (hee, hee!!) but I fooled her!!  Still, she likes the name but calls me Tomi.   I am a beautiful, silky, petite tabby with a slightly longer over coat.  When more about Major Tom
Rocky Rocky
I was a stray living in the shopping center parking lot outside the Petsmart in Allen.  My foster mom was feeding me and caught me to get me neutered and found out I was friendly.  Because I was living on the street so long and probably fighting lot of other Tom Cats, I am FIV+.  But, more about Rocky
Hallie Hallie
Herbie Herbie
It's taken Herbie a while to decide he's ready to look for a new home - life in the foster home is too much fun with all his siblings but now that they are starting to find their homes he's thinking it may be his turn.  He will take a little time to adjust to new surroundings but more about Herbie
Henry Henry
Henry is a wonderful boy who loves to run and play and chase fuzzy mice. He's always had lots of siblings around so would love to find a permanent home where he could still have furry playmates.   Can you find a place in your home and heart for Henry?
Beauregard: Sponsor Me! Beauregard: Sponsor Me!
Beauregard is not available for adoption, but is available to sponsor. He is one of our long-term foster/hospice care kitties. He's wonderful and full of purrsonality, but has a grade 5 (out of 6) heart murmur and endo cardiomyopathy. Basically, it’s a disease of the heart more about Beauregard: Sponsor Me!
Tina Tina
Tina is a sweet young cat who has epilepsy.  She was on medication as a kitten, but it wasn't making too much of a difference on her seizures.  She has been off her seizure medication for a while now, and while she does have the occasional seizure, the number has reduced from when she more about Tina
Biggie Biggie
Biggie is one cool cat who's looking for a forever home. He loves the other cats in his foster home and would be very happy to have kitty friends in his forever home. He's the purrfect combination of cuddly (you can hold him like a baby & he likes to snuggle in bed), playful more about Biggie
Moto Moto
Hello, my name is Moto. I was caught as a stray and taken to the shelter. When they realized that I was injured, NTCR stepped in to give me a safe home in which to recover from a broken femur and hip joint. I am a super sweet boy! Even when I was injured and not able to walk well, I was sweet and more about Moto
Lexi Lexi
Lexi was rescued from the Collin County Animal Shelter shortly after weaning a litter of kittens. She was still a kitten herself when she became a mother. Another group rescued Lexi's kittens, but left her at the shelter. NTCR quickly pulled Lexi from the shelter when we discovered what more about Lexi
Preacher Preacher
I have a very cute face and my coloring makes me look really expressive! I am more independent than my siblings, but I love attention and cuddles from my foster. I’m very playful and love playing with my siblings.  I was rescued with my siblings at a marina and kept safe until NTCR had more about Preacher
Dumbledore Dumbledore
I love to cuddle and I love to play! I enjoy wrestling with my foster siblings, chasing balls and playing with strings, but I also love to snuggle my humans!
Boots Boots
I was found on some railroad tracks in Ennis TX - it seemed like fun at the time but I'm much preferring the indoor life now that I've had a taste of it.  I am friendly but would be fine hanging on my own while you are at work, I don't need constant attention like some kitties. more about Boots
Mochi Mochi
Mochi was dumped at the shelter by her previous family with her pile of babies and was a great, protective momma.  She is still a little bit in protective mode though the babies are off on their own now but she is making progress and wants to find her own home so she doesn't have to worry more about Mochi
Desiree Desiree
FOSTER MOM WHERE ARE MY TREATS ???  Is the daily refrain from this beautiful girl.  She may not be a youngster anymore but she is full of life and really loves chasing the red dot from the laser pen.  Spring toys and a  sunny window view with an option to snuggle under the bed more about Desiree
Shiloh Shiloh
Hi there! I am Shiloh and I've been hanging out for a while seeking my new home.  Foster mom didn't have time to take me to adoption events so I've got a new foster home and foster mom says to tell you I am awesome.  I love hanging on cat trees and checking the sunshine and more about Shiloh
Audrey Audrey
Audrey is a gorgeous, petite girl with beautiful fur. She has been with me for about a year. When I rescued her, she came with her 4 newborn kittens, all of whom are adopted. I had hoped that over time she would grow to trust people and be a good companion kitty. Unfortunately, Audrey is not a more about Audrey
Sophia Sophia
Have you ever visited an animal shelter?  Imagine it when you have 7 babies depending on you and everyone keeps talking about EU.  I am so happy my NTCR foster mom took one look at the posts of us sad in the cage and said we need to save them!  Life in a home is so great - they let more about Sophia
May Belle May Belle
Hi, world! I am May Belle. My foster mom says I am a diamond in the rough and worth the investment. I may look shy and fearful…looking as if my one wish in the world is to make you disappear if only it had the power to do so. SHY CATS LIKE ME ARE NOT FERAL. I am tame and genuinely enjoy the more about May Belle
Sabrina Sabrina
I'm a super soft &fluffy & sweet big girl with unique markings and a long feathery tail. I might need some time to warm up but I'll be loving on you in no time. Do you have room in your heart and home for me?
Stripes Stripes
Hi, my name is Stripes. I was found behind a restaurant with one day old babies, when some rescuers told me I did not have to live outside and beg for food. All my kittens have found homes and it's my turn. I'm a loving young lady, who enjoys greeting you at the door, sleeping with you and more about Stripes
Earl Earl
Earl is a sweet boy who gets along well with his siblings and foster buddies.  The family was saved from a shelter in the nick of time and are very happy to be well taken care of.  Earl is all kitten so loves playing and running and wrestling and then snuggling up for a good sleep. He' more about Earl
Scotty Scotty
Scotty  Scotty is a former stray who has recently discovered the joys of life on a couch. You can tell he had a tough life - he has two cauliflower ears, like an old fighter - and lots of scars and missing fur. Yet despite his hard-knock looks, he's a calm, lovable, cuddly old moosh who more about Scotty
BeBe BeBe
Bebe is a super sweet, affectionate and playful young cat. Despite being dropped at the shelter with her 8 kittens she remains loving and desiring of attention. Her kittens are now weaned and she's even more affectionate and playful then ever. She's looking for her furever home to love her, more about BeBe
Figaro: Sponsor Me! Figaro: Sponsor Me!
Figaro is available for sponsorship only. If you would like to donate to his care, you can do so via NTCR’s PayPal at Figaro is in hospice foster care as he is in renal failure, but still has a good quality of life. Figaro and his sister, Zsa Zsa, came to NTCR& more about Figaro: Sponsor Me!
Tinkerbell Tinkerbell
Hello world, I’m Tinkerbell!! I also go by Tink, Stinkerbell, Miss Sassy pants and her royal highness. In case you haven’t already noticed, I have a permanent wink. Basically, my left eye is just a little smaller than it should be, but that doesn’t stop me from doing all the more about Tinkerbell
Angie Angie
Hi, my sister and I came from Mineral Wells to our foster mom's house. We love being in rescue because we get good food and a nice place to play.  Sister got adopted a few weeks ago, so I am out of the kid room and hanging out with the adult cats.  I like to help foster mom when she more about Angie
Duchess Duchess
I am Duchess and I am royalty. Not really, but I am so nice you will want too treat me that way!  I came from central Texas and was used for breeding for many years.  I am so GLAD that is all over.  NO MORE BABIES for me.  Time to just relax and play and be a regular cat now.& more about Duchess
Figaro McFluffy Figaro McFluffy
Hi, my name is Figaro. I am very vocal and make lots of different noises to tell you what I need. I was found sleeping on someone's porch begging for food daily. They realized I had stickers covering my body and fly bites covering my ears. I came in got all fixed up and now am looking for someone more about Figaro McFluffy
Bitsy Bitsy
Hi, I'm Bitsy. I'm a clown. I make my foster mom laugh a lot. I am somewhat vocal so, I will tell you when you aren't feeding me fast enough or when I want you to do something for me. I'm still young and have a lot of energy. I'll need my family to give me a lot of play time. I'm very busy and love more about Bitsy
Bunny Bunny
Hi I'm Bunny. I'm a sweet curious girl. I love to explore all nooks and crannies. I'm still very young and I have a lot of energy. I'll need lots of play time with my new family. I love playing with laser pointers and feather toys. I will need to be adopted with my sister Bitsy. We have tons of more about Bunny
Cookie Cookie
Cookie is a sweet fuzzball with a little bit of tortitude. She enjoys snuggling & playing but also enjoys time alone & is quite vocal about it. Do you have room in your heart and home for this sweet gal?
Velvet Velvet
Velvet is the sweetest little lap kitten with equal amounts of cuddles & playfulness. She purrs up a storm and searches you out when she's lonely. Do you have room in your heart and home for this sweetie?
Mimi Mimi
Hello world! I am MIMI. Super cuddlebug, overly playful, best kissing kitty and snuggler. Those are just a few of my best qualities. I am.extremely playful and WILL NEED A FELINE FRIEND OF MY OWN AGE AND ENERGY LEVEL. I am mischievous and love to play tricks on my foster mom like jumping on more about Mimi
Clover Clover
Hi there, I'm Clover! I'm really shy when I first meet you, but it's not because I don't like humans! I just get scared easily. My foster mom says I just need time to feel comfortable in my home. Once I do am I a happy kitty! I love getting scratches and cuddles, especially in the more about Clover
Cocoa Cocoa
Hi there!  I am Cocoa and I love to talk.  Well, I love to talk and CUDDLE.  I was living with a nice lady, but the landlord said she had too many pets so she brought me to a foster.  I have my own room here and enjoy watching the birds and bunnies from the window.  I lived more about Cocoa
Isabella - lilac ragdoll Isabella - lilac ragdoll
Isabella is the most precious laid back cat I know!  She is an absolute doll and utterly adorable when the gets the zombies and runs through the house chasing her toys ❤️  She is a bit dominant and would really prefer to be an only cat as she is a lap stealer when anyone sits down. more about Isabella - lilac ragdoll