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Animals' Home - North Texas Cat Rescue
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Highlighted Cats:
Tiger Tiger
Tiger is a very sweet boy who just needs a little help trusting people.  He was adopted and returned which set him back a bit.  He will come and lay with his foster mom on the couch and sleep with her at night but he doesn't want to be held yet.  He loves the dogs and other more about Tiger
Cisco Cisco
Hello! Could you be my forever home? I’d really love a forever home in time for the holidays! Oh, right. Let me not get ahead of myself. Introductions are in order. I’m Cisco and my foster mom saved me from a life on the streets. Some fun things to know about me – besides my more about Cisco
Major Tom Major Tom
My name is Major Tom and, yes, I was named after the David Bowie song!  My foster mom thought I was a boy (hee, hee!!) but I fooled her!!  Still, she likes the name but calls me Tomi.   I am a beautiful, silky, petite tabby with a slightly longer over coat.  When more about Major Tom
Rocky Rocky
I was a stray living in the shopping center parking lot outside the Petsmart in Allen.  My foster mom was feeding me and caught me to get me neutered and found out I was friendly.  Because I was living on the street so long and probably fighting lot of other Tom Cats, I am FIV+.  But, I can more about Rocky
Mila Mila
Hi everyone - if I look sad it's because I'm looking for a new purrmanent home.  My hooman got sick and had to move into special care where can you believe it - NO PETS ALLOWED!  I was very used to hanging with her and my sister Cleo so my first reaction may be to hide but my more about Mila
Mystery Mystery
Hi - Sadly I am back with my NTCR foster mom as my adopted Dad passed but I'm adapting really well to being back and my personality is shining through.  I am a pretty independent girl so a great choice if you only want one kitty in your home.  I love playing with dangly toys and using more about Mystery
Meadow was found by a dog rescue group who reached out to us to help her and her sister Misty find a great home.  Both girls are very sweet and they adapted well to their foster home.  Meadow loves the big dog in the home.  Naps in the sunshine and chin scratches and playing more about MEADOW
Archana Archana
Hi, I'm Archana. I'm a sweet cuddle bug and love to toss my toys around. I get along ok with dogs, but I probably won't be friends with them. I like to snuggle up to my foster siblings, so I'm good with other cats.
Cleo Cleo
Hi everyone - if I look sad in some of my pictures it's because I'm looking for a new purrmanent home.  My hooman got sick and had to move into special care where can you believe it - NO PETS ALLOWED!  I was very scared when I went to the adoption center with my sister Mila, but more about Cleo
Desiree Desiree
FOSTER MOM WHERE ARE MY TREATS ???  Is the daily refrain from this beautiful girl.  She may not be a youngster anymore but she is full of life and really loves chasing the red dot from the laser pen.  Spring toys and a  sunny window view with an option to snuggle under the bed more about Desiree
Audrey: I'm a Cat's Cat Audrey: I'm a Cat's Cat
Audrey is a gorgeous girl who's about 2-3 years old and has been in foster care with me for more than a year. She is not a people cat. If you're looking for a cuddly BFF, it's not Audrey. She's got excellent house manners and LOVES the kitties in my home - especially the more about Audrey: I'm a Cat's Cat
Sophia Sophia
Have you ever visited an animal shelter?  Imagine it when you have 7 babies depending on you and everyone keeps talking about EU.  I am so happy my NTCR foster mom took one look at the posts of us sad in the cage and said we need to save them!  Life in a home is so great - they let more about Sophia
May Belle May Belle
Hi, world! I am May Belle. My foster mom says I am a diamond in the rough and worth the investment. I may look shy and fearful…looking as if my one wish in the world is to make you disappear if only it had the power to do so. SHY CATS LIKE ME ARE NOT FERAL. I am tame and genuinely enjoy the more about May Belle
Ruby Ruby
Sweet Ruby was found in a parking lot with her 3 babies and she did an amazing job with them.  They have all found homes of their own so it's this sweet girl's turn!  The special thing is she coped outside while blind.  A volunteer found her and just had to take her and the more about Ruby
Ebony Ebony
Hi all. Are you looking for a beautiful panther who loves her human? I like to be where foster mom is, see what is going on and be a part of it, chat with her. I'm not a baby anymore but at that perfect age where we can chill together (cuddles are welcome) but there is not much to do to care more about Ebony
Skipbo Skipbo
Came to my foster from the shelter. I was found by myself but the shelter staff didn't want me lonely so they gave me two adopted siblings. I love people and I love to cuddle. My foster mama has two big dogs and they don't bother me. I love to wrestle with my foster kitty siblings and play.
Purrl Purrl
Hi, my name is Purrl, because I purr so much! I found myself a single mom outside, but I managed to find the backyard of an NTCR foster family. They didn't seem to mind me and my four kittens moving into their backyard. I was a little surprised when they trapped us and brought us inside, but it's more about Purrl
Bianca Bianca
Bianca is a beautiful girl! She was adopted from us as a kitten and has found herself back with us through no fault of her own. She is very funny and affectionate. Don't let her “resting angry face” fool you! She likes to talk, but only when I talk to her. It’s adorable and we more about Bianca
Cory and Candy Cory and Candy
Cory and Candy are a wonderful, bonded pair. They started life in an abandoned litter of six kittens. Their human mom rescued the litter and found good homes for all the kittens except Cory and Candy. She had fallen in love with them and just couldn't let them go. But as life would have it, more about Cory and Candy
Romy Romy
Hi Everyone!  I have settled into life as an adult very well and have decided hanging with people instead of in a garage is an excellent life change.  It took me about a week of having my own room/space to decide foster mom can be trusted (she brings me treats) and now I'll come up more about Romy
Patrick Patrick
Patrick is quite the character and full of personality! He's incredibly funny! Based on his color pattern and love of water (bathtubs and showers are fascinating to him!), we believe he is a Turkish Van mix. He loves toys and is an excellent toy hunter. He’s also very more about Patrick
Collin Collin
Collin is a cool little dude! He had a rough start but after lots of loving care, he's healthy and happy and spunky. Do you have room in your house and heart for this playful guy?
Pumpkin Pumpkin
Hello!  I'm Pumpkin!  Don't let that adorable name fool you!  I'm super brave!  My first day at my foster home I wasn't even afraid or shy!  Well, not much anyway!  I'm very playful and love to zoom around the house before settling down for a power more about Pumpkin
Gourd Gourd
Hello world! My name is Gourd, and I'm so excited to get to meet you! I'm a very friendly guy, who loves to cuddle up next to foster mommy. She even lets me sleep on the pillow next to her! I'm very laid back, and do well with other cats. Can I be your very best friend? 
Lady Lady
Meeeeooow world! My name is Lady, and I'm a fluffy girl who will burrow into all of your floors. The nice people at NTCR took me in after a lot of house jumping. I can be a little shy, but once we get to know each other I’ll be your very best friend! I love scratches and playing with the more about Lady
Simon Simon
Why, hello!  I'm Simon! I love life!  I love toys and snuggles and food and treats and playing with the other cats in my foster home!  My foster mom loves the freckles on my nose. I'm such a cutie pie!  I purr lots to show what a happy guy I am!!!
Gamora Gamora
I'm Gamora and I'm ready for my fur ever home!  I am a very loving and sweet girl. I purr lots to let you know how content I am. I'm a beautiful girl too!  Check out my sweet face and flooofy tail!  I like toys and treats and wet food lots!  Do you have room in more about Gamora
Plankton Plankton
Plankton is all kitten and enjoys playing with his siblings, grooming his foster brother, cuddling his foster sister, and exploring the house.  Once he has released that kitten energy, he is the first to crawl on foster mom's lap!  He will most likely be a lap cat as he gets older, more about Plankton
Hamilton Hamilton
Hello, my name is Hamilton.  I am a energetic, playful and cuddly boy.  Out of all my siblings I am the most adventurous.  I love to go to new places in the house and investigate, it is amazing what you can find....  I am told that not all that I find is for me to play with, more about Hamilton
Somerset Somerset
I am Somerset, and one of the mighty Dukes of England!  I am the smallest boy in my litter, but one of the most active and have a very silky coat! My whole family enjoys purring and climbing and purring...I mean, we are kittens.  Once we are done playing and eating, I enjoy cuddling up next to more about Somerset
Bedford Bedford
My name is the Duke of Bedford, and I am know for my beautiful black fur -  with just a spot of white on my belly.  That is how foster mom knows me from all my brothers.  She also knows it is me when I climb up and give her kisses, especially when she is ready to go to sleep.& more about Bedford
Aidan Aidan
Hey! My name is Aidan and I was surrendered by my owner as a very young kitten to a high-kill rural animal shelter. Thankfully I was only there for about an hour when a nice lady from NTCR came in to rescue some other kitties and took me along with her!  She has taken really good care of more about Aidan
Nebula Nebula
My name is Nebula and I'm a dark beauty. My tabby stripes are dark and I'm rather strikingly beautiful according to my foster mom. And she says I'm not just a beauty but I'm sweet too!  I like toys and treats and wet food and my kitty sister, Gamora!  Playing and napping more about Nebula
Ringo Ringo
Ringo is a very sweet and calm kitty, just about eight-years-old. Her coat is soft and long, and her white booties and pink nose are as adorable as her bright green eyes and chirpy meow. She was previously adopted from a shelter, but her owners threw her outside, eventually moving and abandoning more about Ringo
Annie Annie
Hello I'm Annie! I somehow found myself lost, and ended up getting inside McKinney North High School, then I found my way into the theater department and hid inside, luckily one of the kids in the theater department called her Mom who is a foster for North Texas Cat Rescue! They took me to more about Annie
Bob Bob
Hello my name is Bob. I am a playful, cuddly, handsome young boy. When I first came to my foster home I had been in a shelter for all of my life, so everything was quite strange.  Carpet was a magical experience and I am loving being in a home instead of a small cage. There are so many toys in more about Bob
Lightening Lightening
Hello World! My name is Lightening and I'm here to find my new home! I was brought up as a street kitty by my feral momma. She did a good job raising me but I learned to be scared of humans. Thankfully I made my way into a foster home where I have learned that they aren't so bad after all! more about Lightening
Beauregard: Sponsor Me! Beauregard: Sponsor Me!
Beauregard is not available for adoption, but is available to sponsor. He is one of our long-term foster/hospice care kitties. He's wonderful and full of purrsonality, but has a grade 5 (out of 6) heart murmur and endo cardiomyopathy. Basically, it’s a disease of the heart muscle and he more about Beauregard: Sponsor Me!