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Year round donations
are always needed.
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We are very grateful for your generouse spirit.Innocent
Thank you from the bottom of our little kitty hearts.

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Food, Litter, and Other Necessities

If you are shopper or if your organization would like to collect food and other items needed by out cats and kittens, we want to say, "Thank you so much!" We are very grateful for both your time and money.

If you would like suggestions, we offer the following ideas.

Amazon Wish List

With our Wish List you can choose exactly what you’d like to donate!
Please include your name and address in your GIFT MESSAGE so we know where to send our Thank Meow Card! (Click here to go directly to our wish list.)

You'll find the North Texas Cat Rescue under the Wish List tab at the top right of the Amazon home page. Select Find a Wish List or Registry, enter "North Texas Cat Rescue," and make your selections. There are no bad choices here. All selections are welcome. Thank you!

Personal and Collected Contributions

The following items are always welcome.
  • Cat Food
    • Proplan Dry Kitten and Adult
    • Simply Nourrish Salmon and Sweet Potatoes dry food
    • Royal Canin for Kittens dry food
  • Tidy Cat Scoopable clay litter - Blue Label
  • Large Forceflex garbage bags
  • Bleach-free cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • Washable toys
  • Cardboard scratchers
  • Milk Replacer cans for orphaned kittens
  • Bags of Friskies ( to feed our managed feral cat colonies)
  • Petsmart gift certificates
  • Latex free gloves

To arrange pick-up or drop-off for wish list donations, please stop by one of our adoption events, e-mail us at, or you can call us at 214-454-9395.
All in-kind donations can be dropped off at Petsmart at 107 E. Stacy Rd in Allen TX 75002 during store hours and during our weekend events. Please ask Petsmart associates about leaving your donations. For event times and locations, click on the Events tab under the Information tab at the top of the page or check the bottom of the home page. Many thanks!